Qualifications and Training:

Alan has experience in construction since 1983. Having taken numerous inspection courses throughout the years, he has a wealth of knowledge to apply to your property inspection.

  • The Home Inspection Master Course (2003)
  • The Home Inspection Master Course (2003)
  • Real Estate Appraisal (2003)
  • Sixth Annual Summit Conference (September, 2004)
  • Mold Identification and Solutions (October, 2004)
  • Meth and Mold in Homes (January, 2006)
  • NACHI Membership (InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors, 2006)
  • NACHI Standards Of Practice (2006)
  • Electrical course (2006)
  • Roofing Inspection Course (2007)
  • HVAC Inspections for Home Inspectors (2007)
  • Safety Practices for the Home Inspector (2007)
  • Commercial Inspection Course (2007)
  • Log Inspections (2008)
  • Mold Inspection Certification, CMI (2008)
  • Certified HERS Rater (2008) (No Longer Providing This Service)
  • Energy Auditing (2008)
  • Green Building Certification (2008)
  • BPI Building Analyst (2010)
  • and more (and more, and more...) 

Senter Lane Inspections, LLC also continues membership with the following organizations:
iNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)
RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network)
TAR (Telluride Association of Realtors)
Summit Systems / Prenterprises

  • Pass NACHI's Online Inspector Examination every year. This general, not association-specific exam is an industry standard required by NACHI and some state licensing boards,
  • Adhere to the industry's largest, most comprehensive Standards of Practice,
  • Abide by NACHI's Code of Ethics,
  • Follow a strict continuing education policy that requires, among other things, that I receive 24 hours of continuing education each year,
  • Have completed NACHI's ethics "obstacle course" which ensures that I am aware of my ethical duties as a home inspector,
  • Have passed NACHI's Standards of Practice quiz,
  • Have signed and submitted an affidavit legally agreeing that I have and will continue to adhere to all NACHI standards, ethics and education requirements,
  • Maintain a continuing education log that is verified by NACHI,
  • Submit a portion of my inspection reports to NACHI's report review committee for outside evaluation,
  • Am required to successfully complete NACHI's comprehensive Standards of Practice course and examination, Roofing course and examination, Structural course and examination and Electrical course and examination,
  • Attend at least one chapter meeting or educational seminar every two years (reasonable exceptions apply),
  • Have access to the Inspector's Quarterly so I can keep up-to-date on all the latest issues in the home inspection industry,
  • Have access to a number of learning tools such as inspection tips and technique illustrations, a library of home inspection books and videos, the industry's largest message board, NACHI's "what's new" publication of recent inspection news, Dear NACHI," a detailed advice column, free online courses, quizzes, and exams, and the NACHI University,
  • Have access to a time-tested agreement that helps avoid lawsuits,
  • Have access to a free report review and mentoring service,
  • Have access to the NACHI Mall, and
  • Provide access to a free consumer hot-line. 

  • Providing Home and Commercial Inspections in Telluride, Mountain Village, Ouray, Ridgway, Norwood, and Montrose Colorado. 
    Energy Audit Services, Radon Testing, and Mold Testing Available

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